If you are those guys who love to use gadgets while travelling, I would recommend some travel gadgets that can really keep you organized whenever you travel. However, not all the gadgets that I have enlisted here might or would be helpful but it depend on your type of trip! Are heading to Africa during the summer or the Alps in the middle of winter? Either way, we’ve curated a list from our favorite travel writers that would really really help.

Best Travel Gadgets and Accessories – Solar Bag

Solar Backpack

If you are one of those guys who love outdoor activities like trekking/Mountain biking etc, then Lumos Thrillseeker is the right choice for you, this bag has a inbuilt Solar panel with a 4000 Mah Battery with which you can charge your gadgets on the go.

It is compact and durable, made with water-resistant fabric, ultra-breathable straps and specialized tool pockets to keep your gear safe and organized the Lumos Thrill seeker is perfect for trail rides and tours. The Solar Fabric charges a proprietary Lithium-based battery inside the bag which can be used to charge GPS devices, Bike Lights or Smart-phones.

Best Travel Gadgets and Accessories – Portable Washing Machine

Portable Washing Machine

The Scrubba Wash Bag is the lightest and most compact “washing machine” in the world, enabling you to wash clothes wherever and whenever you want for free. The Scrubba is a packing essential for travelers and campers who want to pack lighter and cleaner, save money, and enjoy travel without the hassle of finding a laundromat.

Scrubba is a modern take on the old fashioned washboard. Simply drop clothes in the Scrubba and add water and detergent. Seal the dry-bag style closure and open the side valve to release excess air. Grip circles on the exterior prevent the Scrubba from slipping while you rub the bag and activate the hundreds of internal Scrubba nodules that perform the work. Scrubba efficiently cleans your clothes in minutes and provides a machine quality wash.

Best Travel Gadgets and Accessories

Handheld Weighing Scale

This one is lightweight and compact digital hanging scale with a 50kg capacity with 10g sensitivity. It has embedded micro component core, with accurate weight, stable functions with digital LCD display. Save cost by planning better for your Extra luggage expense. Especially when it starts over 250 buck/KG.

Best Travel Gadgets and Accessories – Grid Organizer

Grid Organizer

This is a hi-quality and innovative product for keeping your Gadgets, Accessories, Utility Items, Stationeries and Other Items Organized. It has a grid of elastic bands which allow you to fasten things onto it. You can fasten pens, notepads, cell-phones, chargers, stationary items and many more items. It can be easily hung on a wall and is very easy to carry too. You can take it along with you in your bag or purse. It keeps the items organized and you will find the things you need easily without having to search through your bag for them.

Best Travel Gadgets and Accessories – Hoodie Pillow

Hoodie Pillow

The Travel Hoodie Pillow is the perfect travel neck pillow for airline travel, road trips, sports teams, business traveling, lunch break napping and anyone looking for a little privacy or shut-eye no matter where they are.

The Travel Hoodie Pillow provides neck support and ultimate Cocoonification on-the-go! Is the Travel Hoodie Pillow the best travel pillow ever or one of the best travel accessories? We’ll let you decide.

A travel essential; our hooded travel neck pillow contains an ultra comfortable memory foam pillow

Best Travel Gadgets and Accessories- Mini Steam Iron

World’s Smallest Travel Steam Iron

Featuring a 420-watt motor and three fabric heating levels, this mini travel steam iron is the smallest of its kind in the world. The compact device is about the size of a computer mouse and can be extremely useful for business travelers Also,

Pocket Drone – Luggage Scooter

Luggage Scooter

The Micro 3 in 1 Luggage Scooter helps travelers move around quickly and easily, this innovative trolley that doubles as a kickboard scooter also has Bluetooth Sound2Go speakers for listening music while travelling. Carrying your luggage will never be boring again with this multi functional travel gadget!

Best Travel Gadgets – Pocket Drone

Pocket-Size Selfie Drone

Its 5-megapixel video camera, self-generated Wi-Fi, and a 3-minute flying time, Air Selfie is no doubt, the best drone for selfies. The pocket-sized device can fly up to 20m away, allowing you to snap flawless aerial selfies of you and your friends, without missing the scenery or the surrounding landmarks,

Perfect for travelers always, this high-tech flying camera connects to your Smartphone via a free iOS/Android app and comes with an especially designed iPhone/Android case that doubles as charger. Your images and videos will be stored to a 4GB MicroSD card, but you can also sync them to your phone’s photo library or share via the app. Buy this for your next travel.

Best Travel Gadgets

Sandless Beach Mat

Beach lovers! The Sandless Beach Mat is a revolutionary beach accessory that’s literally impossible to cover with sand, this clever sand-free ground sheet is perfect for a fun and stress free beach outing. Finally, no more annoyingly sticky sand! Now you can make the most of your seaside experience while lounging in the warm sunshine, reading a book, or spreading out a picnic.

Power bank

A portable power bank is an essential travel item these days. Imagine this: you’re on a long flight, your Smartphone dies, and there’s no outlet to be found. Avoid this inconvenience by investing in a power bank with higher capacity. Charge it before you leave for your trip and the bank will be able to charge up your electronics multiple times before it needs a recharge. You can even charge more than one device at once.

Best Travel Gadgets – Universal Adapter

Universal Travel Adapter

Traveling abroad? Don’t forget how different a country’s charging outlets may be from your own! Prepare ahead of time by purchasing one of these nifty little universal travel adapters. While most airports and shops sell them, the prices are often raised for tourists– you’ll get a better deal if you don’t wait till you land! Don’t wait, you can purchase it now.


Smart Luggage

Yes, it’s true: The era of the “smart home” is now the era of “smart luggage” as well. Raden, Away, and Bluesmart are just a couple of names in an industry that is now growing. These companies are making bags that include USB ports and charging cables, so travelers need not worry about being glued to an airport outlet. Some smart luggage includes GPS location devices so you can literally track your bag at all times through an app. And some of them even weigh themselves. These ingenious bags may come at a cost, but they are well worth the convenience especially if you travel often!

Capture every moment

The best part of traveling is all of the experiences you gather along the way. What better way to remember your adventures than with gadgets to help you express yourself? Sure, most of us have Smartphone with built-in cameras, which is great for some purposes. These specialty cameras and accessories will help you take your shots one step further.

Polaroid Originals One Step 2

If you’re over 40, this camera probably looks a lot like the old instant cameras of the 80s. Welcome back, Polaroid, we’ve missed you! While old Polaroid cameras require batteries, this newfangled version simply charges with a USB cord. The great thing about traveling with a Polaroid camera is that you can share prints with new friends instantly. Make sure you pack extra film!

Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

The 808 Canz is the BEST Bluetooth speaker for the buck with powerful bass response from a compact design that’s easy to take with you. With it, you can also play music wirelessly up to 6 hours from the built-in lithium-ion battery perfect for travelers abroad.

Best Travel Gadgets

Waterproof Travel Bag

Every traveler needs to protect their belongings. Whether it’s from rain, dirt or anything else, a waterproof travel dry bag is perfect for adventure travel. Made of a durable PVC material it is an ideal companion for backpacking, adventure, travel and water sports, as it’s a much lighter weight than other traditional bags.

Best Travel Gadgets

Never Lose Anything Again

Tile is a tiny Bluetooth tracker and easy-to-use app that helps you find everyday items in seconds. Stick, hook or attach Tiles to anything you care about. You can even see it on a map when you get close! This is perfect for the traveler that’s ALWAYS losing their belongings!