Uber has proven to be the most popular taxi booking companies across the world’s major cities and its well known for the provision of affordable, safe and reliable transport system.

Uber has been present in Ghana for over 12 months now. However, they have not been able to cover all the major cities in all the regions of Ghana. When Uber first entered Ghana, the city they operated effectively was Accra and its environs. And now, they are rapidly increasing their tentacles all around the major cities.

Kumasi, the country’s second biggest city has now welcomed Uber and its services. Emphatically speaking, Uber is now present in Kumasi. I believe they are doing everything possible to extend to other cities in Ghana in the near future. In regards to taxi booking, Uber is now regarded as the safest and it is increasingly becoming highly patronized in Ghana compared to the local taxi’s especially in Accra, Ghana’s capital.

How to book a ride with Uber?

In other to use Uber, you need to sign up or register for the service on their website uber.com or you can do the registration via their Smartphone App. But first you must have the app installed on your Android or iPhone compatible device

When you are done with registration, you can open/launch the app and request for a ride. First, input where you are going or your destination (Example, Finddel, Accra, Ghana or Accra Mall, Accra, Ghana). It uses the Google map API. So provided the place you are going is on the Google Map, it would automatically pick up the location.

Secondly, specify your pick up location; this means the location where you want the Uber cab to pick you up from. When you are done, you can go ahead and tap; request ride and then confirm your pick. You can watch the car on the map as it drives towards your direction if your internet connection is fast enough.

What makes Uber the Coolest in Ghana?

I have been using Uber personally for my errands in Accra. Especially when it’s a short distance travel. Their services are actually the best. One of the most remarkable things is that their drivers’ make you feel like the car belongs to you and they give you the maximum attention. You can enjoy a fully air conditioned journey until you get to your destination.

Allowed payment method in Ghana?

They have just two payment methods. You can pay using cash, which is set by default or you can probably connect your credit card or debit card to your profile and pay directly from the card. You can add more than one card if you like. It would allow you to have two payment methods to choose from when opting to pay the driver whether by cash or from card.