One of the most renowned nations to ever think of in Africa is South Africa which is a must–see destination for any global vacationer.

It is quite impossible to ignore this part of the world because of her world class beaches, breathtaking mountains, different cultures as well as eleven official languages to study.

In this article I would elaborate a few of the many beautiful destinations in South Africa you could visit on your subsequent expedition to South Africa.

The Big Hole

The first one on our list today is the big hole excavated to nearly 800m. It is acclaimed to be the world’s biggest hand dug excavation site which produced 2.7 tons of diamond in its time. Let’s go back a little back into history, In 1914, the mine closed and now a huge water filled crater. The Eureka which is the first recorded South African diamond is put on show in this very educational museum.

Admission to the Big Hole museum is free and refreshments are available at the bar as well but I guess you are not thinking is free, lol, you have to pay for that. It’s not a big deal anyway because the price is moderate.

Kruger National Park

Now, going forward, our second place is the Kruger National Park, based on my research it is one of the largest game parks in Africa and an outright treat for all wildlife admirers.

There are a lot of alternatives in the park for game drives, guided walks, lodges and camping to suit all financial plans. The Kruger national park also has some great five star establishments to give you a bit of pampering and extravagance and I know that you would love it trust me on this.

Stunning beaches of KwaZulu-Natal

Experience an abundance of nature in the foothills of Zululand Coast by taking a cycle ride beside Durban’s world class seafront or surf world class surf spots along the South Coast. It’s not surprising that five of the few top beaches in South Africa as rated by the Getaway magazine are found in KwaZulu-Natal.

These untouched beaches, with the Indian Ocean when heading either South or North from Durban are the ideal places to swim or surf in the country. Accommodation during your visit to these locations shouldn’t be a problem.

Cradle of Humankind

Positioned approximately 50km away from Johannesburg is this wonder of the world. Since 1999, the cradle of humankind has become well-known all over the world both for citizens and foreign tourists after it was confirmed a UNESCO world heritage site.

The enormous amount of hominin fossils which are believed to be some of the oldest human fossils ever found and date back as far as 3.5 million years makes this site largely important.


Located in the great Karoo desert is a town known as Oudtshoorn which is generally considered as ‘the ostrich capital of the world’. The famous Cango Caves which are some of the most spectacle looking caves in Africa are also found there. Oudtshoorn is unquestionably worth the effort because of an idiocentric fascination and countless other worthwhile destinations adjoining.

Cape Town

It’s hard not to love Cape Town because of its collection of big shopping malls, artisan coffee shops, boutique hotels and the magnificent table mountain soaring over the city and often placing it in the top ten best cities of the world.

Warmer months are the recommended times to visit. Despite the fact that it’s far better to have your wheels, you shouldn’t be denied the opportunity to explore the city because of public transport availability.

I guess you enjoyed the article, please stay updated as we take you through interesting destination across Africa, Culture, Travel tips and travel deals.