Travelers know that nothing else can give them the satisfaction, excitement and wisdom more than setting off to new places. But smart travelers understand that sometimes the pursuit of this experience can often lead them to unexpected and uncompromising situations, from frustrating travel delays to medical emergencies. This is why they always secure themselves with travel insurance.
Here, we share some reasons why smart and discerning travelers opt to equip themselves with travel insurance, and why you should, too. So basically, this is just to elaborate on the importance of travel insurance.

1.  Life doesn’t always go as expected.
As much as we want our travels to go exactly as we want them to be, life may not always permit it. Some trips may have to be cancelled due to some reasons. With travel insurance, you don’t have to pay for a trip that you may unfortunately have to skip.

2.  30-50% of overseas travelers will become ill or injured.
According to Duval County Medical Society, one out of every two people travelling abroad can get ill or injured during their trip. This could only mean that not getting the best travel insurance can be even more expensive than most people think.

3.  Luggage may get lost and take a while to be returned to the owner.
Lost suitcases aren’t an unusual occurrence. But if this happens to you, it can be extremely inconvenient, more so if you don’t have an insurance that provides coverage for lost luggage.

4.  Standard health insurance may not cover you.
Your standard health insurance may not serve its purpose if you go abroad. This is because majority of health insurance policies don’t have coverage for international travel. Getting a good plan, therefore, makes sense if you’re planning to go on a vacation to another country. Make sure to read travel insurance reviews first before purchasing a plan.

5.  Forgotten medication.
Travelling with seniors and kids means packing medications is a must. But what if you forget to pack them or lose your prescriptions? Without travel insurance, you would have to purchase new medicines, which could only mean further expenses.

6.  Even the most established travel providers can be challenged financially.
Economic crises can affect any business, even the most stable travel suppliers. If you’ve paid for a trip in advance and your tour operator suddenly goes default and ceases operations, you may be left with a ticket and travel itinerary you’ll never get to take advantage. Having a travel insurance will save you from this hassle and make sure you don’t pay for a trip you won’t take. 

7.  Airlines rarely refund ticket costs in the event of natural disasters, terrorism or airline strikes.
There’s nothing quite as infuriating as being caught in an untoward incident when you’re supposed to be enjoying a well-deserved vacation. More so, if you can’t even get a refund for your tickets from you airline. A reliable travel insurance provider will be able to cover the tickets cost and ensure that their clients arrive home safely and quickly.

8.  Tough economic times can take its toll on travelers.
You may have booked and paid for a trip in advance only to have it postponed or cancelled due to financial constraints or worse, loss of a job or income. During this situation, travel insurance can save you. You may be able to get a refund as most travel insurance policies provide coverage for trip cancellations due to termination of employment.